Ps3 game like minecraft

25 Games Like Roblox Be creative with our collection of ps3 game like minecraft like Roblox where you can build, create, play and share your creations with friends and other players. Roblox is a physics based MMO that lets players create their own levels in a sandbox environment and then share them with others. The possibilities in Roblox are truly endless with plenty of different gameplay options which in turn has attracted a large range of users to the Roblox website.

The core element of Roblox revolves around being creative and designing your own worlds out of blocks. Additionally players can script these blocks to perform certain actions which allows players to create their own games such as racing, RPGs or a platforming adventure. Outside of these virtual worlds players can also socialise with other Roblox users, customise their virtual avatar or participate in the market and trade currencies. The games like Roblox here will also allow you to shape and create your own virtual world with a focus on free to play games. The game is still in the midst of development but already looks amazing and has some very unique ideas for the genre. Make friends, platform, gather resources, build and complete quests in this 3D MMO journey.

The game has great appeal to fans of the sandbox genre and in particular people that have an interest in space travel. The game takes place in a 2D block based game world and even supports multiplayer. The game is developed by Majic Jungle Software. The game has a very Lego inspired feel to the gameplay and has a steadily growing community of over 50,000 users. The game follows a sandbox style of gameplay and uses blocks in a similar manner to other games in the genre. The game is currently free to play but will eventually be a paid experience when it is fully released.