Minecraft server with no grief protection

The term was applied to online, multiplayer computer games by the year 2000 or earlier, as illustrated by minecraft server with no grief protection to the rec. The player is said to cause «grief» in the sense of «giving someone grief». The term «griefing» dates to the late 1990s, when it was used to describe the willfully antisocial behaviors seen in early massively multiplayer online games like Ultima Online and first-person shooters such as Counter-Strike. Taiwan, such as Lineage, griefers are known as «white-eyed»—a metaphor meaning that their eyes have no pupils and so they look without seeing.

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Methods of griefing differ from game to game. What might be considered griefing in one area of a game may even be an intended function or mechanic in another area. Intentional friendly fire or deliberately performing actions detrimental to other team members’ game performance, including wasting or destroying key game elements, colluding with the opposition and giving false information. Faking extreme incompetence with the intent of hurting teammates or failing an in-game objective. Actions undertaken to waste other players’ time. For example, when losing in a turn-based game, a player may play as slowly as possible.